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Amazing Elephant Save Baby Elephant From Lion Hunting (Video)

A helpless calf found itself at the centre of a dramatic stand-off between its herd and a pair of hungry lionesses.

This stunning series of photographs, taken in the Ruaha National Park in Tanzania, captures the moment the herd of elephants desperately tried to protect their calf.

Two herds of elephants had been drinking from the water, when the baby elephant appeared to become separated from the rest of the group as it tried to cross the Mwagusi River.

But two keen-eyed lionesses were quickly on the hunt, drawing ever closer to the terrified calf

Relaxing: Elephants seen playing in the mud with a young elephant

The keen-eyed lions draw ever closer to the baby elephant, as the herd of elephants gather force to stand up to them

The lions scatter as an adult elephant arrives on the scene, desperate to protect the calf and help it to

The hungry lioness watches on as an adult elephant tries to help the injured baby calf to safety, in a tense stand-off

After making their first attack, the lions injured the calf. But the adult elephants heard is cries of distress and came rushing to the rescue.
Although they tried desperately to help the calf to safety, the baby was too badly injured and couldn’t walk.

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