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Amazing So Cute !! Two month old kid says i love you

The most beautiful thing which happens to anyone is, i think having kids. Kids always get excited about everything but they have certain attachment with their parents. Hence whenever they see any of them, kids get excited because nothing is more exciting or adorable than getting to see their parents. And how much people live kids, it has been proved by the number of views for this video. It has racked up millions of views and so many hits as well. In this video you will watch a little two months old baby says “I Love You” to her father.The video was recorded 2 years back and was posted on internet by her mother. In this video a cute little girl is sitting in the lap of her father. Her father asks her to say i love you. The little girl tries to copy the words, her father is saying to her and at the end, she says “I love you”.


She is a little adorable angel and she is so cute. The moment she says it, her parents smile and this moment is really priceless for them. This moment will remain with them forever.

Even when the girl will grow up, she will have this first video of her childhood, which has become very popular on internet. If we study about children, we come to know that they can understand words much earlier then they can speak them. Most of the children can speak 50 words by 12 months, even though it might take some effort on the parents behalf.

Kids are really special for anyone and this is the cutest thing i have ever seen in my life. There can be nothing more beautiful then kids. Whenever we come to home then the only thing which we want to see first, is our kids because with their little cute activities, kids make us to forget whatever good or bad happened during the day.

Thanks for watching this wonderful video and i hope you guys have enjoyed this video.

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