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Giant Python attack Car – Humans on Road (Video)

Earlier this year, a deadly 12-foot long python was filmed being pulled out of a car engine.

It is believed the snake was looking for a dry place to escape the rain in Thailand.

Pictures of python crawling out of the way are not uncommon

A DRIVER stared death in the face when a deadly snake appeared on his window and tried to get inside his car.

The terrifying clip shows the man shouting in a panicked voice attempting to seek help on his car radio.

He films his speedometer to show how the snake is managing to grip on despite how fast the man is driving.

Finally, he called for rescue and was helped to retrieve the snake from his car.


The giant and deadly snake is the largest on earth – growing up to 20-feet long – and can easily kill a human.

The brave man came face to face with the gigantic reptile before casually wrangling it from under the car in astonishing footage.

You can see the giant python attack car in this video:



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