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The best bus driver in the world

In this amazing video you guys gonna watch world’s best bus driver. The clip has been taken from one of the German television shows. The driver shows his skills and proves that nothing is impossible in this world. He turns a double-Decker bus on a narrow road within just about 3 minutes. He shows his driving skills on German television show “Wanna bet that ?”. Millions of people from around the world have watched this video on YouTube. In addition, it has received about 5,456 likes as well. I am sure you guys gonna like it.

The judges of this show are watching him on the screen in the studio. Even you can see how narrow the road is and just look at the length of the bus, it hardly comes fit on the road. Everyone is wondering, whether he is gonna make it or he is gonna end up as a failure. This is a road through the mountains and water lake is flowing from under that narrow bridge. It is definitely going to be a difficult task for the driver. When countdown begins, the driver starts showing his driving skills. He starts turning the bus by moving it forward and then backward. He drives the bus in first and reverse gear for so many times to turn it completely in the opposite direction. When he does reverse the bus the rear wheels go off the road and the judges almost come at the edge of their chairs. Even i was sitting at the edge of my chair throughout the whole video. You can see the driver is very relaxed and calm. He is not scared at all and turning the bus with full confidence and courage. The time runs out and the driver is still trying to finish the task. He takes few more seconds to turn the bus completely but the thing is he did it successfully. In the end everyone claps for him, for his driving skills and for his courage.

I would not say that he is the best, but yes, he is one the best drivers. Even i met a driver when i was on the way to Manali few months back, and i watched him turning the bus in opposite direction on a narrow road high up in mountains. I was scared but he was not.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you guys liked it.

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